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We provide INTERNET & INTRANET based software solutions. Let it be your website, your HR solution or very specific software requirement related with your industry, we will be your one stop software destination. Our goal is to provide high-quality, value-added solutions, on time and within budget.


We believes in making your life simpler as far as your software solutions are concern. So we ‘lets make IT simpler'.


We provide a full range of web services including website development, custom web programming from a simple web page to the complex solutions, e-commerce solutions etc. Customised Intranet solutions, Client-Server Applications, ERP solutions, with expertise is our key point.


We believe in Customer satisfaction, Excellence in our solutions with our team work, Partnership based on mutual responsibility, honesty, reliability and integrity in our practices and combination of our innovations and latest technologies in the industry that will benefit our customers. We apply our best resources and expertise to meet customer expectations.


Our Services


  • Web Designing

  • Web Development

  • Client Server Application

  • Intranet Based Solutions

  • E-commerce Solutions

  • Customised Software Solution

  • Application Maintenance

  • Graphic Designing including brochures and presentations

  • Content Writing and Development

  • Web Hosting




Web Designing & Development


When we say Design we mean Website Design and not just Graphic Design. We consider following points are key points to design good , user friendly and attractive website.


Graphical Design: presentation is main feature to attract your user and be on your site which can be achieved with your visual and graphical design.


Easy to find use: it should be easy in navigation internally and user friendly to search engines and even user. It should be designed in such a way that your pages can be accessed by all relative search engine on specific keywords.


Usability:maximum information about your product or service should be given through your site.


Focused and Quality Content: You need to have quality content that is easily understandable and focused to the specific topic and shoulld be written what visitor point of view.



Client Server Application


We are specialized in Client Server Application. We developed many client server applications. We consider following points are key points to design good, user friendly Client Server Application.


Step 1 : System Application: We analyze your data, your requirements, your process, your product and services. We study your product. We analyze whole system as per your requirements. Analyze is based on Input which is given by your side.


Step 2 : System Developing & Designing: We design your applications as per industry norms i.e. as per industry standards.


Step 3 : System Testing: After system designing and development is done. We do the system testing. System testing is done to see that there is no problem in running the application and it is error free.


Step 4 : System Implementation: After system testing is done we implement the application in proper manner.



Intranet Based Solutions


The traditional approach to implementing an intranet is to purchase a software package, modify it for your needs, and install it on your system.

As you consider the choice between installed software and a web-based intranet, here are some considerations:

1. The most important requirement of any intranet is that everyone uses it.


2. Software  intranets have unpredictable costs: in time, attention and money.      Software based solutions require extensive internal support


3. Web-based intranets offer a predictable cost and cutting-edge technology.


E-commerce Solutions


E- Commerce is nothing but exchange of goods and services for money, being conducted via electronic medium like the Internet. Customers opt for online stores because they can be more convenient than brick and mortar stores. However, one of the biggest challenges of conducting an online business is making sure that the customers trust clients website. To be a successful online store, clients need to instill trust in your customers. Your online business needs to provide a strong framework for trust and be able to engender trust amongst its users. Trust and loyalty is promoted through the use of a secure payment system. However, in order to create a secure payment system, you first have to convert your business into a site where e-commerce can take place and where the customers can purchase the client products and or services with ease. This is where FSL reliable ecommerce solutions come into picture.


Customised Software Solutions


There are many benefits to building software to improve existing business processes rather than changing processes to match off the self applications, whether departmental, divisional. Direction Software Solutions provides a complete solution.


Each market has a unique technical landscape. In development, Direction Software Solutions always strive to offer the most flexible solution to meet the needs of all our clients.


More recently our customized software development has become very cost effective for our clients, because we can usually start with one or more of our standard software modules (if there is a close fit) and add customized code to suit the specialized requirements.


Application Maintenance


We have a proven methodology for application maintenance, including application support, technical, functional - and for ongoing enhancements. Typically, we begin with corrective maintenance, evolving to adaptive, preventive, and perfective maintenance. Our years of experience with a wide range of technologies and domains ensure that this methodology works and is adapted to your Company’s specific requirements.


Rigorous Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure that these maintenance services enhance application stability, lower support costs, reduce total-cost-of-ownership (TCO),and steer continuous service quality improvements.


Content Writing and Development

If you require web writing services our experienced, interactive writing team employs current Internet writing standards to ensure your content is structured for maximum web readability. We layer content, which encourages users to burrow deeper for information. We also incorporate metaphors, pictures, graphics and sounds to enhance the communication process.

Working with you we extract meaningful content from your brochures, marketing materials, technical papers, corporate presentations, news releases and strategic plans. Guided by your user navigation and scope analysis we use the materials that best support your on-line objectives.


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